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Women’s Health Screening & Exams

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Reproductive Health & Cycle Monitoring (FEMM)

Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Verification:

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Services We Do Not Provide:

* See paragraphs below.  For all other services we may refer as medically indicated.


We provide evidence-based education and exams/consultations regarding most reproductive health services.

We do not:

*We will help women with evaluation of their menstrual cycle.

Our emphasis is patient education so you are prepared to understand what you may experience when you get care with our medical providers.

We do not refer for nor assist in arranging elective services such as contraception, abortion or in vitro fertilization. We will provide education with as much detail as you request.

For referrals, at your appointment you may obtain from us information on how to access “Find a Doctor” sites sponsored by local hospitals and multi-specialty organizations, as a starting point to seek various medical providers. If you have a significant medical condition, we may give you recommendations for providers who offer comprehensive care for medically necessary evaluation, testing or care management.

If at the time of your appointment with us we identify an urgent medical need for care, such as suspected cancer or ectopic pregnancy, we will advise you how to get the care you need and help you with directions or phone calls if you would like.

Finally, if you do desire to access contraception, abortion or specialized fertility services in the Seattle area, a referral is not necessary. There are many places to go such as:


For services outside our scope, we recommend one of the many sliding-scale payment clinics, such as Federally Qualified Health Centers, or Public Health clinics. There are also some special programs such as

When you have your appointment, we may be able to help direct you based on your specific need.

At our clinic, our consultation services are designed to help mostly those women who have not decided on a family planning method, or have had trouble with methods they have tried, and need time with a health care professional to thoroughly explore their options.  If pregnant with medical concerns, they will learn much of what to expect during a medically complicated pregnancy. Women will leave 3W Medical with evidence-based information so that they can make the best decisions for themselves about their further care.