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STI/STD Treatment and Testing

Individualized Education About Fertility Management and Family Planning

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We believe in partnering with you for social, emotional and spiritual support that you may need while pregnant

We will provide first trimester office prenatal care until full obstetric care is established.

All exams and consultations are provided by licensed healthcare professionals and are free of charge

Services We Do Not Provide:

* See paragraphs below.  For all other services we may refer as medically indicated.

Please call if you have questions about whether we might be able to help you.  Every patient is an individual with an individual story, and we will do our best to help you consider your options.

3W Medical for Women does not profit from your healthcare decisions.


We provide evidence-based education and consultations regarding birth control but do not prescribe, provide or refer for birth control. We do not perform or facilitate abortions.

Any patient who presents with a significant medical condition may be given recommendations for providers who offer comprehensive care related to that medical condition, so that the patient may access any required special medical testing or care management.

Medical providers thoughtfully consider to whom they refer patients, because there is an implied endorsement of the person or facility to which they refer.  As is true of the majority of medical providers, we only refer when there is a very strong reputation within the medical community for competence and quality, or when we have personal knowledge attesting to competence and quality.  This caution is especially the case when patients ask for a referral for surgery or procedures with risk.  For example, we do not provide referrals specifically for abortion, because it is not within the scope of our expertise to judge the quality of local abortion services or providers.

Our referrals are not based on whatever decision a patient may make about abortion, contraception, or other services, but rather on a patient’s need for expert medical care.  We feel that it is very important for women to have access to the best medical evidence before they decide on any surgical procedure or treatment that carries a risk.

Finally, if patients do desire to access contraception or abortion services in the Seattle area, a referral is not necessary.  Abortion providers can easily be found through the internet, as well as reviews about their services.  For contraception, every ObGyn office and most primary care offices provide prescriptions or placement of devices.  In addition, Public Health clinics, community clinics and other facilities also provide these services.  There are so many possible places to obtain birth control prescriptions or devices that we have chosen not to list preferred referrals.


We do not provide ultrasound services upon referral by other healthcare professionals.  Our ultrasound services are limited to providing to our own patients the basic information that will assist them to understand their need for additional care beyond our scope.  If you have seen a healthcare professional who recommended that you have an ultrasound, we recommend that you seek such services at sites they may suggest. Although we will provide copies of our records, we recommend that our limited examinations not be used as the sole basis for treatment decisions.

At our clinic, our consultation services are designed to help mostly those women who have not decided on a family planning method, or have had trouble with methods they have tried, and need time with a health care professional to thoroughly explore their options.  If pregnant with medical concerns, they will learn much of what to expect during a medically complicated pregnancy. Women will leave 3W Medical with evidence-based information so that they can make the best decisions for themselves about their further care.