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What is 3W?

3W Medical for Women is the clinic provided for women by Women’s Accessible Medical Services, P.S. which is a non-profit professional service corporation. Governed by healthcare professionals, 3W is honored to serve the women of Seattle by partnering with them to help achieve the highest standard in the sensitive area of reproductive health care.

What is 3W’s Mission?

3W’s mission is to respectfully provide compassionate evidence-based sexual health services and education necessary to make informed healthcare decisions.

We Believe that:

Does 3W charge for services?

3W does not charge for services since we do not believe in profiting from your reproductive or health care decisions. We do accept and ask for a nominal donation starting at $10 for certain types of visits. Laboratory testing that is sent to outside laboratories and mammograms that are performed by imaging facilities will be billed by those facilities.

3W address specifically your desire for complete and medically accurate information so that you are empowered to make informed decisions. We do not provide hospital services, surgical procedures or prescribe contraception or abortions.

What can you expect when you arrive at 3W?

3W welcomes all patients to experience our high standard of care. When you arrive, you will be greeted by our hospitality representative. You will then be asked to fill out some standard forms so we can better understand your needs.  From there, you will privately meet with one of our licensed healthcare providers in our consult room.

All conversations or discussions concerning your health care are confidential.

After understanding the purpose of your visit, the licensed healthcare provider will partner with you to navigate through your questions or concerns. We here at 3W believe in clarity and transparency. All educational material discussed with you will have been vetted through our licensed health care professional board and staff.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, do know that we are here to answer all your questions and walk alongside you through this time of transition. We are here to support, listen and respect your decisions. We welcome all patients to return to us for ongoing health care needs.

What is your corporate name?

Women’s Accessible Medical Services, P.S.

To learn more about WAMS visit our corporate site:

What makes 3W unique?

3W is a clinic that believes all women deserve the highest quality in health care, specifically reproductive health care.

We understand the many challenges of obtaining health care especially during unplanned pregnancies. We want to partner with women to ensure they receive educational materials and support from our highly trained staff and licensed health care professionals. Here at 3W, we believe in equipping women with the tools that allows her to make the best decisions concerning her health care.

If a patient decides to carry her pregnancy to term, 3W will walk alongside her as she navigates through the many resources that are available to her through our clinic and through local community social services organizations. We will also assist in connecting patients who have questions about parenting with resources including parenting classes or adoption.


How is 3W Medical for Women funded?

3W and our supporters believe in providing women with health care that does not profit from their reproductive health care decisions.

3W is largely privately funded by passionate and generous individuals who truly care about women and their needs. We also are funded by foundations in the Seattle area.

Please click on our donation page if you would like to learn more about how to donate to our clinic. We thank you for your generosity.

Is 3W a medical facility?

Yes, 3W Medical for Women is medical clinic. We are the face of WAMS, a professional services corporation recognized by the state of Washington since 2013.


Is 3W a non-profit organization?

3W is the clinic division of Women’s Accessible Medical Services, P.S. (WAMS), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit professional corporation.

3W Medical for Women™ is a program of Women’s Accessible Medical Services, P.S. which is a professional service corporation governed by licensed health care professionals and a 501(c)(3) charity registered with the Washington State Charities program as required by law, with additional information available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting

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